About me



My name is Sylvain Allard.


I'm a CG artist specializing in 3D modelling and lighting. I crurrently work for MikrosImages Canada in Montreal.


I have been very passionate about the industry since my childhood. I was fascinated by the stunning visual effects in movies like ''Jurassic Park'' and in video game cinematics like ''World of WarCraft''. Throughout the years, I had the privilege to participate in the creation of multiple projects in the world of visual effects, which allowed me to work in different aspects of post-production and explore different techniques and software.

Currently, I prefer to work on 3d animated movies and I'm continuing to learn and improve my skill set in this wonderful profession where adapting to new artistic techniques and new technology is a must.


Movies, reading, psychology, photography, sculpture, construction, design, playing guitar, traveling, hiking, camping, boxing, jogging and especially enjoying the little things in life.

Favorite Music:

Bon jovi, Life House, AC DC, Hans Zimmer, Alan Menken, James Horner, Alan Silvestri, John Williams, Hank Williams, Jerry Goldsmith, Elvis


I hope you enjoy my work and thank you for visiting to my site.